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DescriptionHistorical Figure
Leader of the Lost Colony
Puritan leader in the Massachusetts Bay Colony
#1's half-brother who drowned
Founded Maryland after his brother died
Clergyman in Massachusetts Bay Colony who founded Connecticut
Separatist who was banished to, and founded Rhode Island
Leader of the Virginia Company who was not trusted at first, then later got kicked out
Indian tribe whose leaders death was followed by an overall unsuccessful attack on Virginia
Favorite of Henry VIII who obtained the grant that later became Maryland
Leader of Plymouth, whose death lead to disputes with Indians
Favorite and brother of the King of England who founded New York
DescriptionHistorical Figure
Converted quaker and son of a British admiral
Indian tribe that launched an attack on Plymouth after Bradford's death
Indian tribe that was obliterated by the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Leader of the Wompanoag
Matrilineal tribe that believed in the Sky Woman creation myth
British leader in French/Indian War
Introduced tobacco to the Virginia Company
Led the rebellion in the Virginia Colony because of the governor's lack of action in response to Indian attacks
Governor during Bacon's Rebellion
Leader of the Great Awakening

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