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Can you name the mathematical words, given their definitions in everyday usage?

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Non-Math DefinitionWordMath PoS
(N) an oral disagreement; altercationN
(N) leap or jump; destinationN/Vb
(Adj) relating to substitution, interchange, or exchangeAdj
(Adj) complicated or intricateAdj
(Adj) agreeing; accordant; consistentAdj
(Adj) joined together; coupledN/Adj
(Adj) uninterrupted; unendingAdj
(Adj) moving towards a common pointAdj
(Adj) not original, based on something else; secondaryN
(N) deciding factorN
(N) gears allowing two wheel axles to rotate at different speedsN/Adj
(Adj) apart from others; separate; distinctAdj
(Adj) level; flat; equalAdj
(Adj) becoming more and more rapidAdj
(N) method, pattern, or rule for doing or producing somethingN
(N) the purpose for which something is designed or exists; roleN
(N) any collection or assemblage of persons or thingsN
(Adj) exaggeratedAdj
(N) condition or character as to who a person or what a thing isN
(Adj) unreal; illusoryAdj
(Adj) not clear; vagueAdj
(N) modulation of the voice; change in pitch or tone of voiceN
(Adj) being an essential part of; intrinsic toN/Adj
(N) an intervening period of timeN
(N) the ultimate extent, degree, or amount of somethingN
Non-Math DefinitionWordMath PoS
(Adj) offensive, selfish, or nastyAdj
(N) strip between lanes of a highwayN
(N) a manner of doing; method; wayN
(Adj) composed of standardized unitsAdj
(N) a short period of time; instantN
(Adj) expressing or containing denial; pessimistic; badAdj
(N) a number of persons living near one another; district, community, or regionN
(Adj) standard or common type; usualN/Adj
(Adj) insensitive; difficult; dullAdj
(Adj) strange; unusual; unexpectedAdj
(N) a division into portionsN/Vb
(Adj) certain; optimistic; goodAdj
(N) ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing somethingN
(Adj) reasonable; sensibleAdj
(Adj) actually existing; sincereAdj
(Adj) felt by each toward the other; mutualN
(N) the act of going back to a previous place or state; return or reversionN
(N) source; at the base or origin (esp. of a plant)N
(Adj) ladderlike; graduated sizesN
(N) following of one after another; successionN
(N) a set of radio/TV programs with the same characters/settingN
(N) off-topic conversation; change of courseN/Adj
(Adj) nonphysical, spiritual; necessary to experienceAdj
(N) the rendering of something into another languageN
(N) an identifying outfit worn by the members of an organizationAdj

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