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Can you name the A-Z of the Hunger Games.?

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Haymitch's last name.A
Katniss' doctor's name.A
Peeta's family's profession.B
Clever boy from District 3. A tribute in the 75th GamesB
Katniss' stylist.C
Tribute in the 74th Games. Expert at throwing knives.C
Annie's last name.C
A peacekeeper in 12 before Thread.D
Panem it split into 13 of them.D
Escorts District 12 at the Hunger Games. E
Expert fisher from District 4. Likes sugar cubes.F
Dies in the 74th Games from poisonous berries that she steals from Katniss and Peeta.F
Katniss' best friend.G
Makes stew at the hob.G
Often described as District 12's 'black market'.H
The annual event of which the book is named after.H
Caesar Flickerman's job.I
A Capitol created bird to record and play plans being made in the Districts.J
A piece of clothing that used to belong to Katniss' father that she now uses for hunting.J
Main character.K
The name of Prim's goat.L
Avox with red hair.L
Killed Rue in the 74th Games.M
Haymitch's ally in the 50th Games.M
The poisonous berries that killed foxface.N
Peeta's favourite colour.O
District 11 has a lot of them.O
Peeta's stylist.P
Katniss' sister.P
A special kind of the games that occurs every 25 years.Q
Thread's first name.R
Katniss' ally in the 74th Games. Reminds her of Prim.R
Head gamemaker that lost his life because he let both Peeta and Katniss win the Games.S
Food that 12's Mayor likes to buy from Katniss and Gale.S
Finnick's weapon.T
Bonnie's friend.T
Madge's last name.U
Part of Katniss' prep team.V
One of Gale's brothers.V
Girl from District 3. 'Ticktockticktockticktock'.W
Just type '?'. (add a space on the end)X
In charce of training Katniss and Johanna in District 13.Y
Just type '?'. (add a apace on the end)Z

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