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War + directors or actorsMovie titleYear of release
US Civil War / Denzel Washington / Matthew Broderick1989
WW I / Steven Spielberg / Benedict Cumberbatch2011
WW II / David Lean / Alec Guinness1957
WW II / John Wayne / Richard Burton1962
WW II / Richard Attenborough / Sean Connery1977
WW II / Wolfgang Petersen / Jürgen Prochnow1981
WW II / Steven Spielberg / Christian Bale1987
WW II / Steven Spielberg / Liam Neeson1993
WW II / Sean Penn / Nick Nolte1998
WW II / Steven Spielberg / Tom Hanks1998
WW II / Ben Affleck / Josh Hartnett2001
WW II / Roman Polanski / Adrien Brody2002
WW II / Clint Eastwood / Jamie Bell2006
WW II / Clint Eastwood / Ken Watanabe2006
WW II / Christoph Waltz / Brad Pitt2009
Vietnam / Robert Duvall / Martin Sheen1979
Vietnam / Stanley Kubrick / Matthew Modine1987
Vietnam / Oliver Stone / Charlie Sheen1986
Vietnam / Oliver Stone / Tom Cruise1989
Iraq / Kathryn Bigelow / Jeremy Renner2008

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