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Street Matt, Jeff, Roy and AJ lived on while @ ISU
What artist did Matt, Jeff, Roy and Kleisch play in their band
What team is Jeff in our NBA 2k9 basketball season?
How many colleges has J-Kleisch attended
How many roomates has Laura had while in college?
Who plays the softest Def. when we play basketball
Where do we go skiing every year
How many different places has Roy lived post High school
What movie has been watched most by us?
What is the name of the tobacco that Jeff Smokes?
What about the coals???
Where did we always go to watch matt play Volleyball w/ balbarin
How many combined years did matt jeff and roy play High School volleyball
What was the name of roy's car in HS
Who did Matt go to homecoming with?
What was Laura's dog named?
What was the name of john and jill's bird?
What restaurant did we eat at in the dells that is named after an animal
How many different hookahs have I owned
Which was the hottest vacation spot?

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