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What is Jeff's Nickname from AJ
What do Matt and Laura want to name their girl dog?
What was Roy's stroke of choice in HS
Where did Derrick Rose play HS ball
Who is the main infield prospect for the cubs
What player made the game saving block in the NBA Championship against the Suns
What is the name of the book/movie where Harry saves Ginny from a Balisk
What is the quote that Harry says to Voldemort in Harry Potter 5 that gets Voldemort out of his head?2 sentences. What is Voldemort never going to know?
What is Jeff's order at Buff Joes2 food items
What city were matt and jeff born in?
What show did Jeff and John T. always watch together
What was the order of finishers for the Marathon (among Roy, Laura, Matt, Jeff)
What fantasy sport is Roy league commisioner for?
Is his team better than Jeff's?
Who did Jeff 'steal' from Matt in a former fantasy baseball draft that Matt won't let go?
What contact sport did laura participate in?
Is ice skating a difficult sport
Whose apartment did I stay at when i spent the summer at isu for school?
What color was the first hookah brought into our lives?
What game was a favorite played in Laura's first apartment

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