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QUIZ: Can you name the Popular Irish Boys' Names 2009?

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Ranking and some hints!Name
1. (also very popular in the UK)
2. (An obvious one!)
3. (Biblical -- related to lions)
4. (Remember to spell it correctly with one 'n.')
5. (an oldie, but a goodie)
6. (also a last name)
7. (The first Irishman, perhaps?)
8. (Popular all over the English-speaking world for quite some time.)
9. (unisex)
10. ('evangelical')
11. (borowed from the Welsh)
12. (You're 'keen' if you get this one.)
13. (a dimunitive from Scotland)
14. (Think comedian O'Briain -- not Conan.)
15. (The back of Mr. Shakespeare)
16. (Biblical -- related to Moses)
17. (Son of Fionn mac Cumhaill)
18. (a doubting twin?)
19. (The most obvious, natch!)
20. (Spell Ian as differently as you can.)
21. (#1 is actually a nickname for this one)
22. (associated with beer but with a different initial consonant)
23. ('evangelical' again)
24. (sigh -- I got nothing for this one!)
25. (Bibical nickname for a longer moniker.)
Ranking and some hints!Name
26. (Biblical, too!)
27. (Parker, perhaps?)
28. (Clint Eastwood character)
29. (not Doric, Ionic, or Corinthian -- , actually not a cOlumn at all!)
30. (Come back, _______!)
31. (think U2 album)
32. (very popular in the US, too)
33. ('evangelical')
34. (think Huck and Jim)
35. (LaMotta?)
36. (Biblical)
37. (Bibilical)
38. (one of the three Irish tenors)
39. (think of yet another way to spell Ian)
40. (Minogue's twin?)
41. (Biblical)
42. (Sometimes pronounced 'Teeg' or 'Tige')
43. (another oldie but goodie)
44. (nickname for #37)
45. (very popular in the US)
46. (has given rise to lots of soundalikes in the US)
47. (The 't' is silent in this one; it means Charles.)
48. (Mr. Twain again)
49. (A US import -- make it go away!)
50. (fuller, male version of #9)

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