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Can you name the words that end in -u?

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South American nation
Western African nation
Island nation in Oceania
Another island nation in Oceania
Still another island nation in Oceania
Yes, another island nation in Oceania
Capital of Azerbaijan
Capital of the Bahamas
Capital of Bhutan
Capital of Dominica
Capital of Lesotho
Capial of Moldova
Capital of Nepal
Capital of the West African country named in Question 2
City in Mali that was a capital of Islamic scholarship in the 15th and 16th Centuries
2nd Largest Bird in the world (just behind the Ostrich)
Another name for a wildebeest
Amazonian 'toothpick fish' infamous for lodging themselves in men's urethras
A small and very ancient type of short-muzzled dog
A follower of the world's third largest religion
An intellectual or spiritual guide
First Prime Minister of India, now associated with a style of jeacket collars
Kublai Khan's summer capital / pleasure palace, or an Olivia Newton-John movie
Done without previous preparation
Also called 'Bean curd', usually comes as soft white blocks of coagulated soy milk
A list one might find several kinds of food on
A kind of Japanese massage
Japanese poem / 17 syllables long / this clue is one too
Martial art developed in Feudal Japan and focused on grappling
A badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation
A grayish pale yellow or light greyish yellowish brown color, often used to describe unbleached silk
A japanese citrus fruit
A fast growing Asian climbing vine, now widespread in the Southern US
A vineyard producing wines of high quality
A long loose-hanging (usually Hawaiian themed) dress
A person who has recently acquired wealth or influence but not yet manners or etiquette
A being from Mesopotamian mythology with the body of a winged bull and the head of a human
Amazonian palm tree with non-drying oil

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