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What is the name of VIXX's mascot?He appears in many episodes of VIXX TV season 1
Who is the tallest member?He wasn't always the tallest, but he grew
In the Japanese show 'VIXX File' who burned a piece of paper for the secret agent photoshoot?He seemed very pleased with himself, and wouldn't let N do it for the camera
Who did N mention first in his thank you speech for VIXX's first win?'You waited a long time, huh?'
What does Ravi collect?He wears them a lot
On Shindong's radio show ShimShimTaPa, which couple chooses the team name 'Rooster and Pig'?The reason is because they were born in the year of the rooster and the year of the pig
What is the name of the Christmas song that Jellyfish label mates released in 2012?'크리스마스니까'
In the 'Errored?' dance practice, what 3 members push N over?This was right after they played rock, paper, scissors behind N's back
In Eternity what member starts the second verse?Many fans were pleasantly surprised to hear him sing a longer section than usual
What member wears a really weird looking hat in the Error MV?His hair was also cut very short for this comeback
Which member is close friends with SHINee's Taemin and EXO's Kai?Taemin, Kai, and this member are all considered '93-liners
In which song does a child's voice introduce the rap with 'Ravi!'?It's track 5 on the Error mini album
Who did Ravi collaborate with to create the song 'Rock The World'?He's not from the PAST...
Which member helped Leo do the Gwiyomi song on After School Club?He always takes such good care of Leo
Who is the MC of 'Geurim TV'?'Geurim' or '그림' means 'artwork' in English
At the announcement of VIXX's first win, which member collapsed to the ground?He had to hide his crying face, as he always does
What member wakes N up with 'N hyung! N hyung! N hyung!'It's a very loud, annoying sound
Which member is known for his nose?It's a bit large... hehe.
What picture of himself does Ken think is the most embarrassing?In the picture he has big curly hair and glasses
Who is the maknae of VIXX Girls?While performing 'So Hot', he had beautiful long red hair
Who did Doni and Coni pick on when VIXX came to Weekly Idol?One because of his unchanging face and short answers, and the other because he kept making mistakes during random play dance
During the promotions for which song did Leo injure himself?The song and MV came out 2 months after Hyde
Which song was VIXX's first win on a music show?The original MV for this song is rated 19
What was VIXX's gift for Starlights in the first episode of VIXX TV2?The rest of the episode showed them making this gift
In MTV Diary - VIXX, whose birthday was it when they smeared icing on each other's faces?It was supposed to be a surprise birthday party, but he found out about it

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