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Can you name these K-Pop songs by the intro only?

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Forced Order
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'Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho! .... This is for all the independent ladies.'
'When you feel like there's no way out, love is the only way.'
'Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to the spectacular (group name) summer party. Hey! Are you ready?'
'Careless, careless, shoot, anonymous, anonymous, heartless, mindless, no one who care about me'
'Hey. (Song title). Love is all over. Try to back it out. Still can't believe that you're gone. This is (band name).'
'Hey. No matter where you go. The pretty girls are (group name). Yes. You know. I know. You know. I know. I'm good, I'm hot, I'm fresh, I'm fly.'
'Uh... Baby, come back. Hey yo, (name), drop it on me.'
'(Song title)'s back. We gonna rock dis. Uh-huh.'
'You know I still love you, baby. And it'll never change.'
'Yaho! (Song title). The seventh album, seven members, seven seasons represent. Poptime. Check it out. (Rapper's name).'
'New generation is back. Yeah we killin this track right now. We started from the bottom, but we just do it now, huh! Just follow.'
'Sometimes I just can't help it. Your touch, your smile, your scent. I'm crazy for your love.'
'I don't wanna cry. Please dry my eyes. I'm feelin down. Without you, I'm fallin down.'
'I'm just wild and young. I'm just wild and young. Do it just for fun.'
'Uh-huh. Listen boy. My first love story. My angel. And my girls. My sunshine. Uh, uh, let's go.'
'Stop. Yo. Let me show you something. Girls, you ready? Haha. Let's go.'

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