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Usage of the NameAlternate NameCommon Name
Sindarin NameGandalf
Common NameGandalf
Quenya NameGandalf
Dwarven NameGandalf
Called by Theoden and WormtongueGandalf
When mounted on the horse ShadowfaxGandalf
Southern NameGandalf
Called by WormtongueGandalf
People of Bree and the four hobbitsAragorn
Elven NameAragorn
Renamed to protect him while growing upAragorn
Previous NameMinas Morgul
Previous NameMinas Tirith
Sindarin NameRivendell
Usage of the NameAlternate NameCommon Name
Dwarven NameMoria
Sindarin NameLonely Mountain
Sindarin NameMount Doom
Alias in BreeFrodo
Called by Gandalf in MoriaPippin
Sindarin NameTreebeard
Sindarin NameTom Bombadil
Sindarin NameHobbit
Used by MenHobbits
Childhood NameGollum
Sam's Insulting Name for GollumGollum
Sam's Insulting Name for GollumGollum
Sam's Name for His FatherHamfast Gamgee

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