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The number of credit hours required for graduation
The letter 'H' denotes this type of class
The letter 'C' denotes this type of teaching method
The letter 'N denotes this type of class
The letter 'D:' denotes this type of learning
Classes with this letter prefix requires students to be enrolled in a specific major
What day of the quarter is the deadline for all fees to be paid in full?
the deadline for dropping a class in a quarter
the deadline for adding a class to your current quarter schedule
It's the first week of the quarter when the scheduling window opens for the following quarter
the week of the quarter students receive their scheduling window for the following quarter
the full name of the building with the code 'HI'
the full name of the building with the code 'BO'
the full name of the building with the code 'MT'
the full name of the building with the code 'NH'
the full name of the building with the code 'CM'
A policy for students prior to completing 45 credit hours to retake a course and not calculate the original grade into the GPA if receiving a grade below a C-
To calculate GPA, divide total credit points by _______
Building that houses the Walter E. Dennis Learning Center
A rank 3 student has more than 90 but less than ____ credits
The letter 'K' indicates this on a student profile or transcript
The scholars group named after the first dean of students at Ohio State
This is the only major-specific scholars program
This is the largest scholars group with over 150 students in the 1st year cohort
The scholars group commonly referred to as MMC
The largest college by number of undergraduate student enrolled with 6,655 students in Autumn 2009
The undergraduate student to faculty ratio at ohio state
The smallest college by number of undergraduate students enrolled with 149 students in Autumn 2009
the number of undergraduate majors here at ohio state
the retention rate indicating the number of first year students who return for their second year at Ohio State (no decimals, whole percentage)
The title of associate professor is awarded once one has achieved this in their professional career
Who is the Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Planning that UAFYE reports to?
Gordan Gee Received his bachelor's degree in ____ from the University of Utah
This is the most popular language course at OSU after French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese
This is the minimum number of enrollment a course mst have not to be cancelled
The modern name for the College of Commerce & Journalism that was created in 1916
Created in 1996 as an opportunity to showcase and encourage participation in undergraduate student research
The most popular EDU PAES course according to enrollment
The SOC who was captain of their high school's volleyball team
The SOC who ate over 2,000 calories in PB surprises on a daily basis last summer
The SOC who's favorite animal is a monkey
The SOC who didn't have their first word till they were 4 years old

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