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Can you name the facts about Duncan College?

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Duncan's Founding Year
Duncan's First President
Duncan Color #1
Duncan Color #2
Duncan Color #3
Duncan's Mascot
Charles Duncan held this position
and this one...
and this one...
and this one...
Charles Duncan Served on the Texas State Board of ....
First Masters
Dunc is ...
Duncan's got that ....
First Chief Justice
Duncan's motto in spanish
Duncan's motto in latin
Duncan's Spring Party
he likes machetes
the bear jew
he likes those Lovett girls
he uses the waka flaka defense
he isn't from Duncan, but he's always here
the Brit
did you lose this small child?
foremost female rapper
steal his longboard
walks 30-40 minutes to work
the closet alcoholic
Will Santore, Matt Kaufman, and ....
first last name and last first name alphabetically
star of Irzafest
star of Dananathon
both names end in 'o'
'Fauck you'
weekly nighttime tradition
he DJed NOD
the Atomic Bomb and the Detonator are ....

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