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Can you name the Relations to South Park with each letter?

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AWord that many people misinterpret Jared using
BHomosexual known to say 'Im super, thanks for asking!'.
CWhat is Eric Cartman's secret superhero identity?
DWhat hockey team does Ike's hockey team get to play?
E___, Pray, Queef
FWebsite that the kids from South Park are addicted to
GSouth Park student that dies over the intercom while reading the morning announcements.
HRandy's secret Easter group
IWhat does everyone in South Park lose for a period of days?
JStand-up comedian; cripple
KWho is a gay fish?
L_______ Butters Scotch
MWhat does Al Gore warn everyone about?
NWhat injures Butters in the episode where the boys use their imagination to battle eachother with weapons?
OWho steals the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum?
PWhat did Scott Tenorman sell Eric?
QWhat is name of the Guitar Hero episode? Guitar _____-_
RWhere were the singing quintuplets from?
SWhat is the weapon in World of Warcraft that defeats the player taking over the game?
T_______ and Phillip
UWhere did somebody take a poop in the boys bathroom?
VPrincipal ________
WWhat store does all of South Park obsess over until they finally blow it up?
XWhat are one of the items the dog whisperer takes away from Cartman?
YWhat is Mr. Mackey called as a young boy?
ZHow many Facebook friends does Kyle have?

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