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Who is Barca's lover?
Name another television show that Lucretia has starred in
Who is the chief rival of Spartacus?
What counrty is Spartacus from?
Where is Crixus from?
Where is Barca form?
What recent movie has Doctore been featured in?
Who is Spartacus best friend?
Who is the husband of Ilithyia
What is his occupation?
Who does Naevia have a love affair with?
What city is the ludus located in?
Which gladiator is a cripple?
Who is the Shadow of Death?
Who owns the ludus?
What is a ludus?
Who is Spartacus' wife?
Who is Ilythia's famous father?
Who is the richest man in Rome?
Who is the former champion of Capua?
What other movie has Batiatus been featured in?
Who is Batiatus rival?

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