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A plan based on an equal representation for all states
An individual who opposed the ratification of the new constitution in 1787 and were opposed of a strong central government
A plan that allowed for a house of representatives to be a popular vote based on population and a senate as a states vote to equal things out for smaller states
A way for the court system to declare unconstitutional federal or state laws and other acts of government
The Principle of dividing governmental powers among different branches of government
Under these rules most of the power in America belonged to the states, making it hard to collect taxes for the country. This was a very weak system
The first ten amendments to the constitution
Rule by the people
The name given to one who was in favor of the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and the creation of a federal union with a strong central government
A compromise that allowed states with a high amount of slaves a way to include them in their population count
Our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
A Plan based on population or wealth

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