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There was no World Series this year because of a players strike
This player hit .394, the highest mark of anyone during the decade
The decade produced new heights in HR totals. But who led the NL with 35 HRs, the lowest leading total of the decade
While this player led the AL with 43 HRs, the lowest total to lead that league in a non-strike year
This catcher had 109 RBIs to lead the NL in 1992
This player led the AL in RBIs in 1999 and was still active at the beginning of the 2011 season
This player led the AL in stolen bases in 1998, seven years after his previous league leading total
Two Marlins led the NL in steals. Name one.
This Astro was hit by a pitch 34 times in 1997, the most in the majors since Ron Hunt got plunked 50 times in 1971
In 1992 this Brave won 20 games, tying for the league lead
He tied with this NL pitcher
This player hit .363 in one year, the highest AL mark of the decade
He led the AL with 19 wins in 1995, the only year besides 1994 that the league didn't have a 20 game winner
This pitcher led the AL in strikeouts four times and the NL once during the decade
He led the NL in ERA in 1990. He had 17 starts and 31 relief appearance that year
He led the league in ERA four times in the decade, posting back-to-back seasons of an ERA under 2.00
He tied for the AL lead in losses in 1997. He still pitches for the same team
The Yankees won the last 2 Series of the decade. This is the only other back-to-back Series winner
In the 1970s & 1980s there was one Series sweep each decade. The 90s saw the Yankees with 2 sweeps and this team also won via a sweep
This team lost the NLCS in '90, '91, & '92. They haven't had a .500 season since.
The only multiple NL MVP, he did it for two different teams
The only pitcher to win the MVP in the decade
Rookie of the year in 1994 with 24 HRs in a strike year, he hit 43 HRs more in his career
Two players received 98.8% of the vote for Hall of Fame induction, the highest % ever. Name one

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