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This was the only team to win the World Series twice
This AL team made the playoffs 4 times, tops in the league
This team made the playoffs 3 times and advanced the Series each time but only won once
This player led or tied for the lead in HRs five times
This NL player hit 49 HRs in one year, tops in the league for the decade
While this player hit 49 in the AL, topping that league for the decade
This player became the first to achieve the 40/40 (HRs & SBs) mark
He led the league in RBIs in 1985 with 145, tops in the majors for the decade
In 1981 this player led the AL in RBIs with 78, tying for the lowest total ever to lead the league
This player won 2 NL batting average titles in the '70s with the Cubs. He also won two in the '80s with the Pirates
This player won 5 batting titles, most in the majors
Rickey Henderson won 9 AL stolen base titles. This is the only other player to win one
This rookie led the led the NL in steals in 1985. He went on to lead the league every year through the end of the '80s
Not counting the strike year of '81, the AL had a 20 game winner every year except 1982. Who led the league in wins?
He led the NL in ERA & strikeouts in 1987
His 1.53 ERA was the lowest of the decade
Led the AL in ERA in 1982 with Cleveland. In 1984 he was a Cy Young winner for the Cubs.
He had 306 strikeouts in 1986, the only NLer to pass the 300 mark
This pitcher lost 20 games in 1980, the last pitcher to lose that many until 2003.
He led the AL in losses in 1989, two years after being traded for John Smoltz
Mike Schmidt won 3 MVPs including consecutive awards in 1980-81, another NLer won consecutive MVPs. Name him
This is the only player to win 2 AL MVPs during the decade
He was the only starting pitcher to win the MVP in either league
In 1982 this player was traded from Cleveland to Philly for Wil Culmer, Jerry Reed and Roy Smith. In 1983 he won the Cy Young
Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1982 he got 97.8% of the vote, the 2nd highest total at that time
This shortstop won 10 gold gloves in the '80s
This light hitting catcher was MVP of 1983 Series
This team recorded the only Series sweep
He was Rookie of the Year in 1982 and league MVP in 1983
He was the Rolaids Relief winner in 1980 in the NL and 1981 in the AL
The only NL West team to not make the playoffs during the decade

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