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A - This team has been from LA, California, Anaheim and LA again
B - This catcher was rookie of the year in 1968 and twice MVP
C - This player was traded twice, once for Rick Wise and later for Jeff Perry
D - Carlton Fisk hit the famous HR in game 6 of the '75 Series. This pitcher was the victim
E - This 35 year old surprise starter in game 1 of the 1929 Series struck out a then record 13 batters
F - Nicknamed 'Beast' or 'Double X' this slugger hit 534 HRs in his career
G - The defending champs, they just won their first title since moving west
H - He once pitched 12 perfect innings, only to lose the game in the 13th inning
I - In game 6 of the '85 series Jorge Orta was (in)famously called safe. But KC still trailed until this player hit a game winning 2 RBI single
J - This HOF member won 20+ games six years in a row for the Cubs. He later won 25 games for Texas
K - This HOF player had a career record of 36-40 after 6 years, then went 129-47 the next 6 years
L - Joe Mauer recently won a batting title. The last catcher to win the title before Mauer was this player, with Boston in 1942
M - This player played with the Braves in Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta
N - This player was MVP in 1944 & 1945
O - He was the first Expo to ever lead the NL in average. He also started in CF for the 1971 Pirates
P - This HOF had a MLB career record of 28-31 but was a great player in the Negro League. He pitched for KC when he was 58 years old
Q - KC reliever in the 1980s
R - This team won 4 Series titles in 7 years between 1912 and 1918
S - Has the highest average in Oriole team history, although he never played in Baltimore
T - He hit .401 in 1930, the last NLer to top the .400 mark
U - This catcher appeared in the movie 'Major League', 'Just a bit outside'
V - Tossed back to back no hitters
W - 'The greatest hitter who ever lived', he managed the Senators/Rangers from '69 to '72
X - I got nothing.,.Just type XRay to get this one
Y - Red Sox great, but you have to spell it out
Z - He was on the mound when Babe Ruth hit #60

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