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This player led the NL in RBIs with 152 in 1962, the most of the decade.
This NL hurler tossed 13 shutouts in one year, tops in the decade
The 1969 expansion included one team that has yet to make the World Series. Name that team
Divisional playoffs started in 1969. This team lost the AL playoffs that year
And this team lost the NL playoffs that year
This team was the only team to repeat as World Series champions
The Yankees went to 5 World Series during the decade. Name one of the two NL teams to make it three times.
This NL team won 103 games in one year, tops of the decade for the league
Two AL teams won 109 games in one year. The Yankees were one, name the other
This star is the only player to win two AL MVPs
But this player also won two MVPs, one in each league
The Cy Young Award had one winner until 1967 when one was given in each league. This player won the first NL Cy Young
And this player won the first AL Cy Young
He won 3 Cy Young Awards, most of the decade
The AL won one All-Star game during the decade. The NL won this many
The All-Star game in this year went 15 innings, still tied for the longest All-Star game
He was the #1 pick of the draft in 1966. Some guy name Reggie Jackson was 2nd
This player was the first pick of the first amateur draft in 1965
In the expansion draft for the '61 season the LA Angels picked this future Cy Young winner from the Orioles
This team was outscored in the World Series 55 to 27 yet won, 4 to 3
Two outfielders won 9 straight gold gloves during the decade. Name one
This player won 10 gold gloves during the decade
In Hall of Fame voting, Ted Williams got 93.4% of the votes, Stan Musial 93.2% but this player got 93.8%, the highest for a normal BBWAA vote.
Frank Robinson won the triple crown in 1966. This player did the same in 1967

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