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Offers a wide range of products, including branded products, at discount prices. Often all the products are similar.
Transportation of goods using trains. Good for long distances and can be relatively cheap.
Goods are sold from the producer directly to the consumer
In order for the firm to gain a great margin, should it have more or less firms in its channel of distribution.
Firm that creates the products that will be sold to retailers and eventually to consumers (note is for consumer goods)
Producers use this to sell their goods over the internet
This person or firm sells to wholesalers on behalf of the producer
Using this type of distribution method can save costs because it doens't require a physical store but instead a warehouse with cheaper rent where goods can be shippped to consumers
The storage of goods
This channel of distriubution buy products in bulk, warehouses them and sells to retailers
Transportation of goods using trucks/lorries. Relatively cheap and fast.
Buying in ______ is buying in large volume so the price per product is cheaper
Goods that can go bad in time such as food are known as
The person who buys the end product is known as the
The groups that sell the product to the consumer are known as a
Businesses need to know how to get the product to the consumer. They may use a variety of

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