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Show off biceps
Gas we inhale
Bowel movement aid
Sharp outfit
Red-colored dog relative
Black gemstone
Treehacking tool
City transportation method
Biannual day when the seasons change
Percussion instrument
Mountain wildcat
Trick thought to be real
Gaming system by Microsoft
Extreme sport abbreviated
Antelope relative
An irritation or torment
3 + 3
3-D figure made of plastic, cardboard, etc.
A normal reaction to stress
Material crayons and candles are made of
Popular copier brand
Lord Voldemort's Seven
Vocal chord's scientific name
Epidemic in early 20th century: small ___
Most quantitatively possible
Electronically sent document
Classic Dr. Seuss character
Jumbled combination
Alternative OS to Windows or Mac
TV channel or a slang abbreviation for actions
Latin for 'king' or ending of a feared dinosaur
Gaming system by Microsoft
Woodwind insturment
Scalar quantity in physics and advanced mathematics
Juvenile disease: chicken ___
Alternative OS to Windows or Mac
Noble gas
Popular superstition or folklore
Word beginning
Word ending
Annual headache around April
Intercourse or gender
Popular candy bar

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