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'Am I meant to punch a clock, and wear a coat and tie?'
'But he could be a star for all we know. We don't know how far he could go.'
'Eat Cleveland! And Des Moines! And Peoria! And New York! And this theatre!'
'No blood at all within the shoe; this is the proper bride for you.'
'If I were King of the forrest, not Queen, not Duke, not Prince...'
Have you missed me good messieurs? I have written you an opera. Here I bring the finished score.'
'I know you are no intending to be! But corring me Olienter offensive to me!'
'Stop the clock, take time out. Time to regroup before you lose the bout.'
'Frank N. Furter, it's all over, your mission is a failure, you're lifestyle's too extreme.'
'No beauty could move me. No goodness improve me.'
'Think invisible ink, or a gink with a stink, or a stair to the sky!'
'There's a place for us, somwhere a place for us.'
'I saved a chair for my dad in the eighth row on the aisle.'
'So if you care to find me, look toward the western sky. As someone told me lately everyone deserves the chance to fly!'
'Put your faith in what you most believe in. Two worlds, one family.'
'And you toss and you turn 'cause her cold eyes can burn yet you yearn and you churn and rebound.'
'I am a lass who alas loves a lad who alas has a lass in Canterbury.'
'I can't wait to come to your party! I can't wait to come to your party!'
'Start out with some things she'll know, keepsakes, tokens you can show.'
'Puppy dogs with droopy faces, unicorns with dancing mice.
'Your bath is drawn by Missus Greer. Annette comes in to make your bed.
'Oh, oh, oh woke up today feeling the way I always do.'
'I am that rare and awesome thing. I'm every inch a king.'
'When you know the notes to sing, you can sing most anything.'
'These men who seem to know my crime will surely come a second time.'

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