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Which of the following describes a principle quality of ancient Non-Western cultures?A.Unchanging B.Questioning ...... C.Both of These D.Neither of These
The Great Pyramids at Giza were constructed during the what?A.Middle Kingdom B.New Kingdom ... C.Old Kingdom ... D.Early Dynastic
Homer's Illiad and Odyssey were composed during the midA.5th Century BC ... B.9th Century BC ... C.7th Century BC ... D.8th Century BC
During which era was the Temple of Ramses II constructed at Abu SimbelA.New Kingdom B.Amarna Kingdom C.Middle Kingdom ... D.Old Kingdom
For the Greeks, the principle value 'arete' which meansA.Strength B.Power C.Excellence D.Knowledge
The Parthenon was built to honor the goddess Athena as Parthenos, or Athena as theA.Patron of Athens B.Goddess of Olives C.Virgin Goddess D.Daughter of Zeus
What percent of persons living in ancient Athens were permitted to vote in elections?A.15 B.45 C.65 D.85
Each polis in Greece developed quite differently from the other poleis, primarily due to theirA.Natural Resources B.Climate C.Language D.Geography
The earliest domesticated plants in Mesopotamia wereA.Papyrus and Flax B.Grapes and Olives C.Corn and Oats D.Wheat and Barley
Compared to today's sea levels, during Ice Age, the sea levels around the world wereA.The Same ......... B.300 Feet Higher C.300 Feet Lower D.Always Changing
Archaeologists know about Prehistoric peoples by studyingA.Artifacts B.Epic Poems C.Law Codes D.All of These
Homer was a basis of which aspect of Greek culture?A.Law B.Education C.Entertainment ... D.All of these
The Guides to the Underworld found in Homer, Virgil, and Dante may have their source inA.Female Cycladic Idol Figures B.Archaic Greek Kore Figures C.Egyptian Serdab Statues D.Minoan Snake Goddesses
Alexander the Great received an excellent education; his tutor wasA.Philip II B.Plato C.Aristotle D.Socrates
The Greeks were great borrowers. What did the Greeks borrow from the Egyptians?A.Stone Sculpture B.Fluted Columns C.Stone Architecture D.All of These
Which ancient writer documented the causes and the course of the Persian Wars?A.Homer B.Pericles C.Thucydides D.Herodotus
The Hyksos introduced which of the following into Egypt?A.Iron B.Mystery Religions C.The Chariot D.Fluted Columns
The Greeks marked their chronology from the first Olympics, which were held in the yearA.490 BC B.750 BC C.456 BC D.776 BC
What percent of Greece is mountainous terrain unsuitable for growing wheat and grains?A.90 B.50 C.25 D.10
Which of the following is a violation of the Academic Integrity Code?A.Letting Someone Look at Your Exam B.Using Notes that are Not Permitted C.Looking at Another Student's Exam D.All of These
The architect Imhotep was famous for designing and constructing theA.Ziggurat at Ur B.Pyramids at Giza C.Stepped Pyramid D.Great Sphinx
Because of the high cost of providing dowries, many Athenian baby girls were left to becomeA.Heterai B.Metropolis C.Helots D.Hellences
Philip of Macedonia first learned about Greek culture and warfare when heA.Visited Sparta as a Diplomat B.Served in the Greek Army C.Attended School in Athens D.Was a Hostage in Thebes
The study of Greek religion is often referred to as mythology, based on the word 'mythos' which meansA.Divine Word B.Gods C.Origins D.Story
Ancient Sparta is particularly noted for its greatA.Architects B.Walls C.Artists D.None of These
In Greek, the suffixes ia and ium meanA.Female and Male B.Day and Night C.Place D.High
During which war did the Persians destroy the buildings on the acropolis at Athens?A.2nd Persian War B.3rd Persian War ... C.1st Persian War ...... D.None of These
Who said, 'Buildings live on long after man's deeds are forgotten'?A.Herodotus B.Rameses II C.Thucydides D.Pericles
Which pharaoh tried to introduce monotheism into Egypt by limiting worship to the Sun god?A.Akhenaton B.Narmer C.Ramses II D.Tutankhamen
The Dorians introduced which of the following into Greece? TheA.Classical Era B.Mycenaean Era C.Archaic Age ... D.Dark Ages
Who wrote, 'Egypt is the Gift'?A.Hatshepsut B.Herodotus C.Sophocles D.Thucydides
Who said the cause of the Peloponnesian Wars was Sparta's fear of Athenian imperialism?A.Thucydides B.Herodotus C.Homer D.Pericles
The league that the Greek poleis formed against further invasions by the Persians was theA.Athenian League B.Spartan League C.Hellenic League D.Delian League
Make-up exams are permitted only when the reason for missing an exam isA.Verifiable B.Emergency C.Unforeseen ....... D.All of These
The Warrior Vase is particularly noteworthy for being one of the first artworks to depict A.Human Anatomy B.Hoplite Phalanx C.Alphabet ...... D.Burial Practices
Classical Greek sculpture reflected idealism, a concept that would later be written about by whom?A.Aristotle B.Pythagoras C.Socrates D.Plato
During which era was the dog domesticated?A.Neolithic B.Trilithic C.Paleolithic D.Mesolithic
The sculptor who introduced the Classical chiastic principle in his Doryphorus wasA.Polykleitos B.Lysicrates C.Imhotep D.Kritios
At the center of every Greek polis was a place set aside for meeting called a(n)A.Gymnasium B.Acropolis C.Agora D.Theatre
In which Greek polis did women have the most freedom?A.Sparta B.Thebes C.Athens D.Delphi
Democracy originated in Greece. The word democracy is based on demos, which meansA.People B.Citizen C.Power D.Vote
Often referred to as the Golden Age of Greece, the Classical era occurred during theA.8th Century BC ... B.6th Century BC ... C.5th Century BC ... D.4th Century BC
The Bull Vaulting fresco was found at which of the following sites?A.Mycenae B.Knossos C.Sparta D.Saqqara
Which of the following was a powerful female pharaoh of Egypt?A.Hatshepsut B.Tutankhamena C.Nefertiti D.None at All
In 1922, the archaeologist Howard Carter discovered theA.Palace of Minos at Knossos B.Ziggurat at Ur in Mesopotamia C.Mycenaean Citadel at Tiryns D.Tomb of King Tutankhamen
Alexander conquered vast territories, including lands as far east as theA.Granicus River B.Indus River C.Tigris River D.Euphrates River
Alexander hoped to unite his empire through a common form of the Greek language known asA.Hellenistic B.Nike C.Cosmopolitan D.Koine
Stonehenge is a Neolithic monument located inA.Egypt B.Mesopotamia C.England D.France
When a Greek polis grew too large, they sent out a portion of the population to form a new what?A.Cosmopolis B.Colony C.Metropolis D.Oikos
Greek Theatre is said to have developed out of the worship of the godA.Poseidon B.Zeus C.Dionysus D.Apollo

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