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Can you name the Kings of Portugal?

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1139The Conquer
1185The populater
1211The Fat
1223The Pious
1248The Bolognian
1279The Farmer
1325The Brave
1357The Just
1367The Handsome
1385The Master of Avis
1433The Eloquent
1438The African
1477The Perfect-Prince
1495The Fortunate
1521the Pious
1557The Desired
1578The Chaste
1581The Prudent
1598The Cruel (pt); The Pious (spain)
1621The Oppresser (pt); The Great (spain)
1640The Restoring King
1656The Victorious
1683The Pacific
1706The Magnanimous
1750The Reformer
1777The Pious
1816The Clement
1826The Soldier-King
1826The Educator
1828The Traditionalist
1853The Hopeful
1861The Popular
1889The Diplomat
1908The Patriot

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