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DefinitionWordMore info/Usage
A coffee with cream and sugar
A derogatory term for one from our easternmost province
Our newest province
A loser
An old woman interested in young men
A derogatory term for an American
A pint of hard liquor
A large case of beer
A dollar
A carbonated beverage
A popular, inexpensive, and low-quality coffee store
DefinitionWordMore info/Usage
A car that's capable of off-roading
One who does not speak French
A coffee with too much cream and sugar
A ball of dough, believed to be the missing portion of a donut
A one-dollar coin
Your foot when you step in a pond or deep puddle
A coffee with excessive cream and sugar
A two-dollar coin
A term used to turn a statement into a question, asking for agreement
A knitted/wool hat used in the winter
Whole milk

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