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Can you name the all the Lost characters??

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Father of a survivor who's body was taken over.
She was in the mental hospital too.
The technical guy.
Got thrown in a pit.
He believes in destiny a lot.
Had a lot of secrets from her husband.
'Other' who fell on a big stick and died.
Conned her step-brother.
He's pretty awesome at backgammon.
Blew himself up.
She knows everything about the island.
Man who wanted to go home so badly that he was prepared to sink the island.
He's worth $156 million.
Got 'fixed' by the island.
Girlfriend of a survivor. She got run over.
Pushed his son out of a window.
Wears a lot of eyeliner.
Brother of a survivor and lead singer of 'Drive Shaft'.
Finally learnt english on the island.
The island baby.
He likes money. A lot.
Desmond's hatch buddy. Also persuaded sayid to start torturing.
The fugitive.
Gave his ring to his wife before the flight.
Used a lot of money to find the one she loved.
The doctor on the island.
Fell off a cliff in a plane.
Was a police officer.
Played chess with Hurley in the mental hospital.
'Expose' girl
Slightly insane french woman.
Bloody rock god.
Pushed a button for a long time.
Mysterious brother of a survivor.
Named after the author.
Made a lot of enemies.
He wanted to go back to the island. badly.
Was the first person to discover the inside of the Pearl.
The leader of the island, until stabbed and pushed into a fire.
Kidnapped two survivors.
Friendly flight attendant. Now an 'other'.
Got kidnapped from her tent as a baby.
Flies helicopters as well as planes.
Smartest guy there.
Mans best friend.
He likes to give out nicknames.
Ended up as a mechanic.
Died on a boat in the end. We assume.
Wandered off into the jungle.
Missed his baby's birth as he was blowing up trees.

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