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What was Guinevere One?
Which pop group supported Harold Saxon's campaign?
What was Lady Cassandra's last name?
What was Martha's cousin called?
What was the resistance group called that had the members Ricky Smith, Jake Simmonds, Mrs Moore and Thin Jimmy?
On what planet was the Beast imprisoned?
What is the wrist device that Captain Jack used to transport the Doctor, Martha and himself back to Earth from the year 100,000,000,000,000?
What was Kathy Nightingale's middle name?
What did Donna Noble think the Doctor was when she first met him?
What was Kath McDonnell's husband called?
What planet are the Slitheen from?
Which member of the Cult of Skao became the first human dalek?
What name did the Doctor give to the parallel Earth?
What was schoolboy Timothy's last name?
What did the Master call the Doctor after he aged him 100 years?

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