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Forced Order
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Type of DeathCharacter
Killed at the spring inside the temple.
Pulled out of cockpit by the smoke monster and then later found in a tree.
Shot by another 'other'.
Knife thrown into her back.
Shot in the head after pleading to her Dad to save her.
Wounded after setting off hydrogen bomb.
Killed in a hit and run.
Stabbed in the statue and then kicked into the fire.
Shot after surrendering.
Shot dead by the mercenary team after telling her daughter that she loved her.
Shot in the Swan station just before her first date with a fellow survivor.
Shot in the Swan station after giving someone else the gun.
Killed by the toxic gas released by the 'Others'
Shot after chasing Walt in the jungle.
Jumped off the freighter with chains wrapped around her.
Suffered severe injuries after falling off a cliff in a plane.
Murdered inside the temple, therefore letting the mysterious man in black able to enter.
Shot by Ben whilst assisting a survivor off the island.
Drowned in the Looking Glass station.
Shot by his mother.
Neck was broken by an 'Other' after being released from a pit.
Type of DeathCharacter
Throat slit on the freighter and thrown into the sea.
Head slammed against rocks by accident.
Strangled by Ben and seemed to come back to life on the island.
Shot in the chest by a flaming arrow.
Blew up on the freighter.
Apparently commited suicide in the Swan station.
Died from temporal placement on the island.
Shot several times after trying to kidnap a survivor.
Blew up after handling dynamite.
Gassed by his son in a Dharma van.
Shot by one of his own Kahana crew.
Blew up from the grenade that was in his hand.
Fell on a big stick after being discovered as an 'Other'.
Killed by the smoke monster.
disorientation caused by the transportation of his consciousness through time.
Strangled on the island in the Black Rock.
Stabbed to death in the Orchid station.
Buried alive.
Shot in the jungle next to his girlfriend.
Impaled by a pole during the incident at the Swan station.

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