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lyricstitles# of words
'prison gates won't open up for me on these hands and knees i'm crawlin'2
'nobody wants to be the last one there and everyone wants to know that someone cares'3
'here we are we're here tonight singing amen i'm alive'3
'just one chance just one breath just in case there's just one left'1
'i guess it wasn't really right i guess it wasn't meant to be'6
'time to be honest this time pleading please don't bail on it'4
'and now as long as i can i'm holding on with both hands cause forever i believe there is nothing i could need but you'4
'criminal record says i broke it twice i must have done it half a dozen times'1
'i'm through with standing in line for clubs i'll never get in'1
'each day is a gift and not a given right'6
'tell me what you know tell me what you gone and done now'4
'it's not like you to say sorry'3

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