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Main Character
Oldest/Hottest Salvatore Brother
Youngest Salvatore Brother
Best Friend/Witch of Elena
Best Friend/Conserned of Elena
Elena's only Brother
Elena's Ex-Boyfriend
Matt's older sister
Vicki's first boyfriend
Mayor of Mystic Falls
Wife of the mayor
Sheriff of Mystic Falls
Nephew of Damon and Stefan
Person who changed Damon and Stefan into vampires
Who helped Katherine escape from Klaus
Trevor's sister and died in Damon's arms
Used Elena's Blood to make more Hybrids
Nice, Enlightening, Nice Hair and oldest Mikaelson Brother
Youngest sister of the Mikaelson's
Other brother that befriended Jeremy
Other brother that betrayed his siblings
Biological Mother of Elena
Biological Father of Elena
Elena and Jeremy's Aunt
Husband of Isobel and boyfriend of Jenna
The 'dead' reporter that dated Jenna
Cousin of Logan
Vampire that told Jeremy about vampires
Leader of the vampire's in the tomb
The witch that haunted Bonnie with the necklace
Bonnie's mother
Bonnie's Grandma
Damon's jail-mate and bonnie falls in love with
Stefan's best friend and gets staked by Damon
Lexi's boyfriend and person who almost set Damon on fire
One of Stefan's doppleganger
The other doppleganger of Stefan
One of Katerina and Elena's doppleganger
The other doppleganger of Katerina and Elena
Katerina's daughter
The werewolf Tyler meet in the mountains
Who is a young warlock with the unnatural power to siphon magic
What is Caroline's daughters names
Who did Elena date after she got turned
Who is Sybil's adoptive older sister
What is pastor young's daughters name
Who was the person Anna changed so that she could have 'eyes and ears' around the town to help with her agenda
Who are the parker twins
Who is the one of the professors at Whitemore College when Elena went there
Who is the guy that is living with Abby

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