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QUIZ: Can you name the Top 50 WWF / WWE Wrestlers of the past 25 years (1985 - 2010)***OPINION BASED QUIZ*** ?

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 Ax from Demolition was one of the 'Machines' who partnered with this wrestler
 Grandfather, son fights in MMA
 First tag team partner in the WWE was Billy Kidman
 Spent 38 days in military prison
 Claims that Bret Harts title run was almost given to him
 Before entering the WWF worked as a sportscaster in Pittsburgh
 Was the youngest WCW World Heavyweight Champion
 Refused to lose to Brock Lesnar
 First tag team was with his college roomate, Shelton Benjamin
 Despises Triple H
 Blames Bischoff, Hogan and Goldberg for leaving WCW
 Bad News Brown told him to go wrestle in Japan, which he did
 Responsible for naming Shawn Michaels the 'Heartbreak Kid'
 Became a born-again Christian after his girlfriend (former first lady of professional wrestling) died of a drug overdose
 Asked Tito Santana for a Latino sounding last name
 Ended Hulkamania..sort of...I guess
 Married to Michelle McCool
SuperstarDid You Know???
 Was in a Chef Boyardee commercial
 Former tag team partner with his older brother
 Was a motivational speaker
 Former stand-up comedian
 First professional opponent was B. Brian Blair
 Kissed Ted DiBiase's foot for $100 back in the day
 Vanilla Ice cited as one of his influences
 Convinced by Ted Arcidi to become a wrestler
 Released by the WWF along with the Ultimate Warrior for receiving HGH
 Gave Triple H the real WCW World Heaveyweight Championship belt as a gift
 Half brother of former WWF jobber Sam Houston
 Tom Jane stabbed him!
 Diamond Dallas Page was his chauffer while entering the ring with his partner Greg Valentine
 He makes regular appearances on the Fox News Channel
 Was punished for taking time off after winning the I-C title
 Was told to lose the mask or lose your job
 Wrestled in WWF years before - was clotheslined by the Dynamite Kid so hard that he couldn't eat solid food for weeks
SuperstarDid You Know???
 Papa Shango missed his cue, therefore he had to kick out of Hogan's leg drop which no one is supposed to do -tsk tsk
 Related to Yokozuna, Umaga and Rikishi, among others
 Went to high school with Mr. Perfect, The Repoman and the Berzerker
 Wishes everyone would work as hard as Triple H and The Undertaker
 His son appeared on the WWE reality show 'Tough Enough'
 Held the title before Pat Patterson unified it to the Intercontinental Championship
 Had to vacate his title due to steroids allegedly
 Won the Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling's Heavyweight title
 Started off as Paul Orndorff's manager
 He's a chick magnet punk
 Played baseball in the Cardinals, Reds and White Sox minor league systems
 Only WCW matches were against Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Diamond Dallas Page and Horace Hogan
 Belt he was supposed to win was given to Jeff Jarrett instead
 Married to Kurt Angle's ex-wife
 When first entering the WWF, he was asked to use a 'cowboy' gimmick but refused
 One of 2 men to hold every current WWE mens title

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