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Can you name the Canadian Men who have wrestled at a Wrestlemania?

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This Help?WWF/E Superstar
Wrestled another Canadian at Wrestlemania 5
Deceased former World Champion
Ladies Man
Won 29 WWF/E titles to date
Formed Tag team with another Canadian
Name chosen to honour Gorilla Monsoon
Pretended he was from another country
Went on to commentate for company
Former I-C title holder
Bodyguard for Motley Crue in WWF
This Help?WWF/E Superstar
Former tag team title holder
Associated with 'The Shockmaster'
Smallest Canadian on the list performed at Wrestlemania 3
Battled Cico Santana and Jake the Snake
Runner up in Wrestlamania 2 Battle Royal
The Birdman's tag partner
Shot up to 7 times
***Part of the 'Team Canada' Stable
Also host of an american game show

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