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Can you name the 4-letter words in this uninspired and cheerless word ladder?

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Hint Answer
[With final rung] ...dull, uninteresting…
Word often cited when Americans talk about how the British use different words for things
Word after grocery, laundry, or bucket
Handmade smashing device
Italian automaker
...dull, uninteresting…
What you plant in something to make it yours
Marine slang for kill, wound, or assault
Bummer, or situation that is ...dull, uninteresting...
Chemical substance
Word paired with 'hum' to mean ...dull, uninteresting…
Amount of poison Romeo buys to kill himself
Hint Answer
Author Stoker
Word someone pretending to shoot you might say
...dull, uninteresting…
''A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier'' author Ishmael
What a bird uses for almost everything apart from flying
...dull, uninteresting… (or description of previous clue)
Word before off, out, or 'and tear'
First word in a letter to Abby, John, or Prudence.
...dull, uninteresting…
Actresses Salonga, Thompson, and Michele
[With first rung] ...dull, uninteresting…

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