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Can you name the affiliated characters from Stieg Larsson's Lisbeth Salander series by matching up their numbers?

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For example, if you matched up "[04] Dirch Frode" and "[11] Harriet Vanger" to "[20] Vanger Corporation", you'd type "04-11-20".
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Character 1
Anders Holm
Dragan Armansky
Gunnar Björck
Henry Cortez
Nils Bjurman
Sonja Modig
Sonny Nieminen
Torsten Edklinth
Character 2
Carl-Magnus Lundin
Christer Malm
Evert Gullberg
Hans Faste
Holger Palmgren
Monica Figuerola
Peter Fredriksson
Suzanne Linder
Constitutional Protection Unit
Hacker Republic
Millenium Magazine
Milton Security
Officer Bubble's Team
Salander's Guardian
''The Section''
Svavelsjö MC (Motorcycle Club)
Svenska Morgon-Posten (SMP)

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