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Can you name the celebrity (the 1st column) with the character they played (the 2nd column) on The Simpsons?

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**Actor Name - Character Name
Winona Ryder
Martin Sheen
John Goodman
Kathleen Turner
Sara Gilbert
R. Lee Ermey
Glenn Close
Donald Sutherland
David Hyde Pierce
Lisa Kudrow
Drew Barrymore
Johnny Cash
Rodney Dangerfield
Joe Mantegna
Eric Idle
Reese Witherspoon
Michael Keaton
Danny Devito
Sam Neill
Jeff Goldblum
Michelle Pfeiffer
Ben Stiller
Jon Lovitz
Fred Willard
Meryl Streep
Albert Brooks
Steve Martin
Michael Jackson
**Actor Name - Character Name
Jack Crowley
Larry Burns
Greta Wolfcastle
Allison Taylor
Malloy, the Cat Burglar
Declan Desmond
Herb Powell
a Coyote
Laura Powers
Leon Kompowsky
Hank Scorpio
Mindy Simmons
Artie Ziff
Meat Hook
Garth Motherloving
Ray Patterson
Colonel Leslie Hapablap
Hollis Hurlbut
Stacy Lovell
Homer’s Mom
Sgt. Seymour Skinner
Cecil Terwilliger
Sophie Krustofski
Fat Tony
Wally Krogen
Macarthur Parker
Jessica Lovejoy

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