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Can you name the Shakespeare play by the events of Act Three, Scene One?

Featured Apr 22, 2011

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ACT III, Scene iPlay
A man invites his good friend to dinner, then sends two thugs to murder him. (Despite being murdered, the dead friend still manages to make the dinner.)
Just to shake things up, the title character is killed off halfway through his own play.
After being fatally wounded, the play's most happy-go-lucky character tries to get out as many puns as he can before he bleeds to death.
A charismatic king politely suggests to his men that they all head over to that breach *just* one more time.
During a thunderstorm, a banished earl in disguise encounters a knight, who tells him his boss went a little nuts.
With a gruesome war raging outside, a kidnapped woman and her new boyfriend blithely exchange sex jokes with a perverted old man.
A cross-dresser is hustled by a clown, insulted by a pair of drunks, then blatantly hit on by a woman in mourning.
ACT III, Scene iPlay
An evil duke interrogates the hero's evil brother. It is the first time they have met, and the last time either one is evil.
A prince carrying firewood gives a speech about how he doesn't mind carrying firewood because the old man he's carrying firewood for has a daughter who is *totally* hot.
A young woman receives a simultaneous Latin lesson/music lesson from two men who haven't the slightest interest in her education.
Two women successfully dupe another woman into falling in love with a man she despises simply by allowing her to overhear their conversation.
A disgraced soldier makes an (oddly misguided) attempt to get back into his General's good graces by hiring musicians to play under his window.
A thoughtful young man famously weighs life's pros and cons.
The title character promises his nephew that he hasn't killed all his uncles (though he has) then swears that he'll be perfectly safe in the tower (which he won't).

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