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Can you name the word from the column on the right that fits into the famous short story title on the left?

Quiz Updated Aug 20, 2012

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Short Story & AuthorWordOptions
“To Build a _____”

Jack London
“The Lady with the _____”

Anton Chekhov
“_____ Feathers”

John Updike
“Hills Like White _____”

Ernest Hemingway
“Love is not a _____”

Amy Bloom
“The _____ of Sleepy Hollow”

Washington Irving
“The _____ Burial”

Edgar Allan Poe
“The Lady or the _____?”

Frank Stockton
“The Ballad of the _____ Bullet”

Stephen King
“The _____ Question”

Isaac Asimov
Short Story & AuthorWordOptions
“The _____”

Shirley Jackson
“_____ and Symbols”

Vladimir Nabokov
“O Russet _____!”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Chuck Palahniuk
“_____ Type”

Stephen King
“The _____”

James Joyce
“Vanilla Bright Like _____”

Michael Faber
“The Gentleman Dressed in _____”

Agatha Christie
“For Esmé – with Love and _____”

J. D. Salinger
“The _____ of the Red Death”

Edgar Allan Poe
Short Story & AuthorWordOptions
“The _____ of the Magi”

O. Henry
“Ward No. _____”

Anton Chekhov
“A Perfect Day for _____”

J. D. Salinger
“A Sound of _____”

Ray Bradbury
“A Very Old Man with Enormous _____”

Gabriel García Márquez
“The Enormous _____”

John Cheever
“A Good _____ Is Hard to Find”

Flannery O’Connor
“What We Talk About When We Talk About _____”

Raymond Carver
“A _____ Artist”

Franz Kafka
“Welcome to the _____ House”

Kurt Vonnegut

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