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Updated Apr 18, 2012

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Plot DescriptionMovie
Willis works with weepy whippersnapper who witnesses worrisome wonders.
Coarse crew of color-coded cons congregates after catastrophic caper for copious carats.
Time travel turns two teens into terrific teachers.
Liquor-lacking lug lashes out at lad and lady after lonely, labyrinthine lodging leads him to lethal lunacy.
Dream detectives drug delinquent descendent, then dig in his dome.
Pathetic pilot pines for past partner in popular plane parody.
Plucky professor and his pop prevent pernicious plunderers from purloining prominent primeval prize.
Cage conquers criminal cadre on cloud-cruising craft.
Gregarious go-getter grows greedy, gabs on gangster guy-pals to the government and gets out of the game with his girl.
Captain craves Cambodian conference with crazy colonel.
Plot DescriptionMovie
Nihilists (not Nazis) needle nonchalant ne’er-do-well.
Plotting politicos pressure peaceable performer into pretending to be President.
Determined deputy dogs disgraced doctor.
Besmirched banker bound in a bastille buys a bludgeon and, by and by, burrows out.
Bashful ballerina’s big break begets bizarre battle with her own black being.
Peculiar but prosperous personality persuades panel of professionals to peep at his prehistoric playground.
Stammering sovereign seeks support from sassy subordinate skilled in the science of speaking.
Covetous Court Composer cunningly kills confoundedly creative curiosity.
Assassin adopts aggrieved adolescent and assists in annihilation of her adversaries--an amphetamine-addicted agent and his accomplices.
Meteorologist (Murray) manages multiple matching mornings.

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