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Can you name the films by the description of their content from the family-oriented website

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'Absurd Christmas play put on by children, President of United States as a political bully and sexually interested in Prime Minister’s aide, heavy on the “f” word, nudity...'
'Full nudity includes lengthy graphic nude wrestling scene between two men who ride an elevator and continue fight in actual public event, prostitutes win trophies...'
'Man finds decapitated head and lick wounds to prove that the head is a fake movie prop but it’s not...'
'Crooked priest shot in confessional, gun backfires and becomes lodged in man’s head, many characters are prostitutes, cannibalism, pedophilia...'
'Violence is extremely excessive with sword-fighting, heads and limbs flying, numerous shots of violently spurting blood, eyeballs exploding, swinging, iron death ball on chain...'
'NOTE: the reviewer left the screening early due to highly obscene and violent content...content listed here took place in the first 75 minutes...' [film stars Christian Slater]
'Man having intercourse with very pregnant woman, female nudity is shown on television sets as roommates review movies for their website, mushrooms...'
'No nudity but male alien in bright pink bra, cold-hearted father lies to daughter about her husband to cover up plan to dissect and kill infected son-in-law...'
'Graphic heroin use, lots of Scottish slang with sexual references, man shooting dog with BB gun...'
'Lots of wine tasting at vineyards, wine drinking, some drunkenness, heavy lying, cheating on fiancée, and starting relationships under false pretenses...'
'Woman murdered, suicide, two drownings, vehicles crash, and villain viciously hits naked man sitting on chair with a knotted rope on his genitals...'
'Some obscene gestures and implied vomiting, groupies decide to “deflower” 15-year-old, man takes LSD and jumps into pool from roof...'
'Romantic worldview where teenagers are ruled by their feelings, almost to the point of obsession, rather than common sense, strong occult content including vampire characters...'
'Bad soldier thrown against tree, intense punching between enlarged men monsters; sex between unmarried adults stopped only because of danger that blood pressure is rising...'
'Glorification of alcohol, unbridled debauchery, man shoots himself in neck with tranquilizer gun, car goes over bridge and explodes after landing on fisherman...'
'Character fornicates with his girlfriend by dividing into two characters, walks around nude showing his private parts throughout the movie, Egyptian pharaoh worship...'

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