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'Drug use as ordinary and acceptable, quoting Scripture while committing murder; 348 obscenities, 35 profanities & many racial slurs, forced sodomy depicted...'Pulp Fiction
'Blowing up an aunt like a balloon, face bashed against front of bus, ghost rides around with head in his hands, a general disdain for authority...' Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
'Numerous references to the f-word without really saying the word, some gross-out humor regarding toilet, cat relieving itself in toilet & on ashes of someone’s dead mother...'Meet the Parents
'Interspecies confusion, inconsistent, incoherent ontology & science, chimpanzee female in slip, apes apparently smoking some kind of hallucinogen...'Planet of the Apes (2001)
'Cops and teenager carelessly fire their guns at miscellaneous object for fun, boy has obsession with drawing images of male body parts, another lies to cashier and the cops...'Superbad
'Puppet vomits several times, puppets lies in big pool of its own vomit, cats eat puppet innards, prolonged scene of explicit sex between puppets...'Team America: World Police
'Men hit with a giant spring-loaded hand as a prank, men play tetherball with a ball filled with African honey bees, ram butts two men playing a tuba and a trombone...'Jackass 3D
'Perspective on Christmas void of spiritual meaning and filled with darkness, drunkenness, cursing, bitterness & pain; horrendous language with an estimated 250 obscenities...'Bad Santa
Content Film % Correct
'Zombies chase and bite people, zombies shot and impaled, zombies eat and open up man, man struck in head with dart...'Shaun of the Dead
'Girl tries to choke female rival, engages in numerous screaming fits toward her concerned mother, plus another suicide attempt; extremely graphic lesbian sex scene...'Black Swan
'At least 99 obscenities (not counting all the times the protagonist’s crude superhero name is mentioned), stabbings, shootings, man explodes in large microwave oven...'Kick Ass
'Man beats other men with tire iron, photo of man pulling own tooth out, images of characters pretending to engage in sex acts with people and an animal...'The Hangover
'Man picks fight with priest & sprays Bible with mace, man tells man that God doesn't like you, man burns man's hand with chemicals, brief but graphic image of male genitalia...'Fight Club
'Man chops throats of some henchmen with his hand to kill them, villain tortured with electric shocks, gun battles, vehicle chase scene, female teenagers kidnapped...'Taken
'Lying, cheating, greed, pride, arrogance, man forces preacher needing money to deny God several times, preacher forces man to get baptized, man turns on deaf adopted son...'There Will Be Blood
'Occult content of hearing spirits of dead ancestors, creepy tree grows into people,10-foot-tall humanoid creatures nearly naked throughout the movie...'Avatar

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