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Can you name the historical headlines from The Onion's 'Our Dumb Century' by piecing them together from the 3 columns?

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OR-- You can now **just type in the 6-character code** (using a letter/number combo from each column) and match up the headline that way.
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1st Part
Cappucino Shortage [1A] 
Celebrated Lady-Actress [1B] 
Copper Mine Fire [1C] 
Fanciful Doily [1D] 
FDR's Remains [1E] 
G.W. Vanderbilt [1F] 
Hitler [1G] 
Jackson Pollock [1H] 
London [1I] 
Man [1J] 
Senator Huey Long [1K] 
War [1L] 
War Over [1M] 
Women [1N] 
World's Largest Metaphor [1O] 

2nd Part
As Franz Ferdinand [2A] 
Assassinated [2B] 
Buys [2C] 
Cripples [2D] 
Declared [2E] 
Entertains [2F] 
Fired [2G] 
Get [2H] 
Hits [2I] 
Neutralizes [2J] 
Placed [2K] 
Politely Prepares [2L] 
Suspected [2M] 
To Run [2N] 
Ventures Outside [2O] 

3rd Part
Atop Area Radio [3A] 
By All [3B] 
Cajun Style [3C] 
For Fifth Term [3D] 
Found Alive [3E] 
From House-Painting Job [3F] 
Hatless [3G] 
Iceberg [3H] 
Idle Rich [3I] 
Italian Army [3J] 
Of Being Spanish [3K] 
Polish Menace [3L] 
Sky [3M] 
To Be Bombed [3N] 
Vote, Restrooms [3O] 

1st Part
Amazing New Micro-Computer [4A] 
Author Ernest Hemingway [4B] 
Bill Cosby [4C] 
Boy Scouts [4D] 
Boy-Girl [4E] 
Cambodia [4F] 
Congress [4G] 
Drugs [4H] 
Idi Amin [4I] 
LBJ [4J] 
Mr. T [4K] 
New President [4L] 
Nixon [4M] 
Rosa Parks [4N] 
U.S. Cigar Lovers [4O] 

2nd Part
Approves [5A] 
Call For [5B] 
Demands [5C] 
Deploys Green Bay Packers [5D] 
Discontinue [5E] 
Feels [5F] 
Fits [5G] 
Malt-Sharing [5H] 
Praises Former Ugandan Defense Minister [5I] 
Releases [5J] 
Shoots [5K] 
To Switch To [5L] 
To Take [5M] 
Vetoes [5N] 
Win [5O] 

3rd Part
As 'Delicious' [6A] 
At All-Time High [6B] 
Cab [6C] 
Drug War [6D] 
Federal Love And Happiness Act [6E] 
In One Room [6F] 
Lions, Self [6G] 
More Interesting Sweaters [6H] 
Nation's Pain, Breasts [6I] 
Orbiting Homeless Incinerator [6J] 
Overthrow Of Castro [6K] 
'Pity List '86' [6L] 
Skull-Based Economy [6M] 
To Vietnam [6N] 
Un-American Activities Badge [6O] 

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