Just For Fun Quiz / Word Ladder: Free Editor Pick Giveaway #3

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Name the rungs in this 4-letter word ladder to reveal quiz titles that YOU can make to receive a free Editor Pick. (Click the 'Source' link below the quiz to see the details.)

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If you make a word ladder with one of the titles given here, you will receive a free Editor Pick. (But it has to follow the given guidelines. Click on the "Source" link below to see the guidelines.)
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HintAnswerWord Ladder Title
In ___ _ penny, in __ _ pound
She's an Explora
Worf portrayer Michael
Early in the day
Neil Armstrong's old stomping ground
Hired thug
Crucial component of this quiz
Put on
Big ol' book, basically
Richard II wasted it
'There is a ____ in the affairs of men.'
Elton John musical that has appeared in every crossword puzzle without exception
Actor Alan
Group that owns worldwide chain of shoe and shoe accessories
South Asian term for potatoes unfairly used here out of desperation
Powder used by Harry Potter to avoid tedious train rides
Miserable failure, like the last several clues
HintAnswerWord Ladder Title
What you better not do with your gums or you'll get a smack, see?
Peel the skin from in a horrific manner. Or Chef Bobby.
Mess around
Talk to God
Serving dish
South Park's Parker or Phish's Anastasio
Very, in French
Narrator and protagonist of 'Divergent' series
Not that
Word that eventually follows 'if'
More than twelve, less than twenty
Seabird useful in word ladders
Jim Varney's never-seen addressee
Norm's never-seen wife
Undersea queen in DC Comics
Child actress Wilson who appeared in every film produced in the '90s without exception
Lady horse
Famed Auntie of stage and screen
What you might think this is some kind of

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