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Can you name the well-known historical ''facts'' that have been proven highly unlikely or completely false?

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Myth or MisunderstandingAnswer(s)# of Missing Words
_______ was hit in the head by a falling ________ while sitting under a tree, providing inspiration for the Law of Gravity.3, 1
When _______ was told that the people of France were suffering from a bread shortage, she famously suggested: “_________.”2, 4
Roman Emperor _______ played the _______ while his city burned.1, 1
Before Columbus sailed to America and proved them all wrong, most people believed the _______ was _______.1, 1
The “_________” is based on English Common Law from long ago, when a man could beat his wife provided he did not use a stick thicker than a specific appendage of his hand.3
_______, a prehistoric monument of standing rocks, was built by the ancient _______, a priestly class of the Celts who arrived in England around 600 BC.1, 1
In Ancient Rome, if the Emperor gave a '_______' signal it meant to let a defeated gladiator live; but a '_______' signal meant kill him.2, 2
Between 855 and 858, a female pontiff, popularly referred to as “________”, was head of the Catholic Church without anyone suspecting she was a woman (until she gave birth).2
Myth or MisunderstandingAnswer(s)# of Missing Words
The aptly named Thomas _______ invented the flushing toilet.1
The ________ (Norse explorers and warriors) wore horned helmets whenever they went into battle.1
English King ________ suffered from a birth defect that made him a hunchback.2
When ________ put on a radio production of H.G. Wells’ ''_________'', a nationwide panic ensued--a huge number of citizens believing an actual Martian invasion was taking place.2, 4
The ________, a vertical chamber interiorly lined with spikes, was used in medieval times as a torture device.2
Benjamin Franklin personally investigated his theories of electricity by flying a _______ and waiting for it to be struck by _______.1, 1
Mad Emperor _______ promoted Incitatus, his favorite _______, to Consul of Rome, one of the highest offices in the Roman Empire.1, 1
The Empress of Russia known as _________ died while attempting to _______ with her horse.3, 2

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