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Can you name the trivia about the Simpsons classic ''Deep Space Homer''?

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At the beginning, the plant employees walk through a full body x-ray (''clean, clean, pistol, uzi, two kids posing as an adult…’’) in a nod to what 1990 sci-fi film?
Mr. Burns presents the Worker of the Week Award, which he ultimately gives to __________.
What does Bart write on the back of Homer’s head?
When the NASA board turns on the TV, they see Tim ''The Tool Man’’ Taylor accidentally kill ________ by backing over him with his ride-on lawnmower.
''Sir, how would you like to get higher than you’ve ever been in your life?’’
What question does the Head of NASA have to request that the reporters stop asking after he announces their ''Average Joe in Space’’ mission?
What planet, according to Homer, would be the only dangerous place to send the space mission?
When Barney is told there will be no beer for the duration of the training, he says ''What? Three whole weeks with only ______? I’ll go crazy!’’
Bart says that he feels so full of—what’s the opposite of shame?
What astronaut guest stars in this episode?
Barney blows the competition after the champagne toast by stealing a jetpack, skidding across the roof of a _________, and ultimately getting run over by a Marshmallow Truck.
Two feature films in particular are referenced three or more times in this episode. Name either of them.
What celebrity did Homer miss meeting at the mall, thus teaching him a valuable lesson about taking advantage of every opportunity?
The Space Mission’s payload includes an IRS Surveillance Satellite, an Ant Farm, and a batch of children’s letters written to ______.
NASA is unable to monitor the space craft because all of their equipment is actually just used to measure _________.
What does Homer smuggle on board the space craft?
When the ants see that Homer is about to crash into their Ant Farm, they get into a frantic argument over which one of them is ________.
Homer: ''Wow, former _______ James Taylor.’’
Who says the now-famous ''I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords.’’?
So not to panic the astronauts, James Taylor changes his lyric 'Sweet dreams and flying machines, in pieces on the ground' to ‘sweet dreams and flying machines' doing what?
As the space craft is making its dangerous re-entry, the other astronauts are humming the Battle Hymn of the Republic while Homer is singing about what breakfast cereal?
Who says ''Aw, of course he’ll make it—it’s TV.”?
When the space craft crashes into a convention center, what type of convention is being held there?
On the Time Magazine cover featured at the end, what does the caption read?

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