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Can you name the complete Onion headlines by matching up the words from the three different columns?

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OR-- You can now **just type in the 6-character code** (using a letter/number combo from each column)and match up the headline that way.
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National & World

1st Part
Beauty Of National Forest [1A] 
Factual Error [1B] 
FBI [1C] 
God [1D] 
Kevin Bacon [1E] 
Kim Jong Il [1F] 
Mexico [1G] 
Nasa [1H] 
Nation [1I] 
Nerf [1J] 
Poll: 1 In 5 Americans [1K] 
Pope [1L] 
Study: Dolphins [1M] 
Treasury Department [1N] 
Virgin Mary Statue [1O] 
National & World

2nd Part
Badly Needs [2A] 
Believe [2B] 
Completes 52-Year Mission [2C] 
Crying [2D] 
Demands [2E] 
Develops New Line [2F] 
Discontinues [2G] 
Enjoyed [2H] 
Found [2I] 
Hinting [2J] 
Killed [2K] 
Linked [2L] 
Not So Intelligent [2M] 
To Ease Up [2N] 
Unfolds [2O] 
National & World

3rd Part
At Retirement [3A] 
By Logger [3B] 
Easier Instructions [3C] 
For No Good Reason [3D] 
In Drug Deal [3E] 
Into Giant Robot [3F] 
Obama Is A Cactus [3G] 
Of Biological Weapons [3H] 
On Internet [3I] 
On Jesus Talk [3J] 
On Land [3K] 
Ones And Fives [3L] 
To Al-Qaeda [3M] 
To Find, Kill God [3N] 
Witness Protection Parade [3O] 

1st Part
Armchair Quarterback [4A] 
Free Condom [4B] 
Frolicking Deer [4C] 
Hog [4D] 
Hungover Couple [4E] 
Lack of Second Car [4F] 
Local Anorexic [4G] 
Mail-Order Bride [4H] 
Man Running After Bus [4I] 
Marital Frustrations [4J] 
Newly Unearthed Time Capsule [4K] 
Pronunciation [4L] 
Realtor [4M] 
Urban Planner [4N] 
Web Of Lies [4O] 

2nd Part
Actually Being Driven Mad [5A] 
Beaten [5B] 
Channeled [5C] 
Comes [5D] 
Corrected [5E] 
Delights [5F] 
Executed [5G] 
Gets [5H] 
Harsh Reminder [5I] 
Just Full [5J] 
Preserves [5K] 
Still [5L] 
Stuck In Traffic [5M] 
Surrounds [5N] 
Unaware [5O] 

3rd Part
Blitzed [6A] 
Bus Occupants [6B] 
By Ticks [6C] 
Farmland Style [6D] 
In Wrong Color, Size [6E] 
Incorrectly [6F] 
Late Birthday Card [6G] 
Marriage [6H] 
Of Own Design [6I] 
Of Sexless Existence [6J] 
Of Useless Old Crap [6K] 
They Broke Up Last Night [6L] 
Through Thermostat [6M] 
Way Too Fat [6N] 
With Exposed Brick [6O] 

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