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Can you name the Tom Hanks movies based on the two opposing blurbs from the critics?

Updated Sep 5, 2011

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Blurb OneFilmBlurb Two
‘A mystery thriller that entertains.’
(Film Journal International)
‘No, it's not as bad as you've heard. It's worse.’
(Philadelphia Weekly)
‘It's easily the hippest, frankest and funniest date movie around.’
(Rolling Stone)
‘As purposefully schmaltzy as one can imagine, in a manner that's almost cynical.’
‘You'll want to stand up and cheer for [the film], a smart and absolutely irresistible true tale about a guy who dared to make a difference.’
‘I didn't believe a bit of it, thanks to the movie's style, except for some newsreel and documentary footage, and even that felt epoxied on.’
(Wall Street Journal)
‘A great American adventure and a wonderful film.’
(Richard Roeper)
‘I just wish that [the subject] worked better as a movie, and that Howard's threshold for corn, mush and twinkly sentiment weren't so darn wide.’
(San Francisco Chronicle)
‘A love story destined to be remembered as one of the best of the decade.’
(Minneapolis Star Tribune)
‘The whole movie goes bland and flat as a fast-food knish or a blank computer screen.’
(Chicago Tribune)
‘The most magical, captivating animated Christmas adventure of all time.’
(San Antonio Express-News)
‘A failed and lifeless experiment in which everything goes wrong.’
(Rolling Stone)
‘A powerful, atmospheric crime thriller that blends Godfather-style mayhem with philosophical meditations on the nature of good and evil.’
‘Pretentious, portentous and humorless.’
(New York Observer)
‘May not have the subtle tongue-in-cheek wit of Tom Wolfe, but [De Palma’s] version of the story is both more comic and angrier for it.’
(Slant Magazine)
‘Dreadful screen adaptation of the terrific Tom Wolfe novel. Stands as one of Tom Hanks' worst screen performances.’
(Reno Gazette-Journal)
Blurb OneFilmBlurb Two
‘The movie progresses with the smooth patter and rapid movements of a conman gulling tourists with a three-card trick.’
(Observer – UK)
‘Without a doubt, one of the worst movie franchises going right now. This is tedious Catholic torture porn.’
(Tucson Weekly)
‘What a magical movie.’
(Roger ****)
‘Judging by the the movie's enduring popularity, the message that stupidity is redemption is clearly what a lot of Americans want to hear.’
(Chicago Reader)
‘A feel-good film of such originality and sweetness in a summer of derivative sequels and remakes that it practically qualifies for miracle status.’
(Rex Reed)
‘Probably the worst-directed film Spielberg has ever made.’
‘The real reason to watch is the chemistry between Hanks and Roberts, beloved superstars who make a beautiful pair.’
(Miami Herald)
‘Neither the relationship of the two leads, nor any encounter between any of the film's other humans, seems to proceed according to the emotional or sociological customs of our culture.’
‘The film has a contagiously exuberant atmosphere, and you'll most likely leave the theater happily humming the title tune.’
‘A movie that, like many a pop tune, has a cute idea but a simpleminded lyric.’
'Three-hour-plus film permits the kind of detailing that not only brings the storytelling to life, but persuades us we're breathing to its rhythms.’
(Boston Globe)
‘A lumbering, self-important three-hour melodrama that defies credibility at every turn.’
‘The Coen Brothers have crafted what may be their funniest film.’
(Star-Democrat – MD)
‘The Coen brothers seem to have relocated to a ZIP code where blander movies are made.’
(San Jose Mercury News)
‘Zemeckis tells his story ... with a control magnificent in what isn't shown as much as in what is.’
(Entertainment Weekly)
‘The choppy narrative makes [Hanks’ character's] ordeal seem more brief than it is. As shown, it's merely the world's worst layover.’
(Orlando Weekly)

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