Scout Dominates Smash

Can you pick the hypothetical quotes for each victory Scout would have against the Smash roster?

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Kinda hard to see me hittin’ ya when ya can’t even see your freakin’ feet, eh, fatty?
Get smited, ya leafy-haired bimbo!
Ain’t your owl buddy lookin’ for bones? Lemme donate YOURS to him!
It’s dangerous to go alone, take this bullet to the head!
Now THAT’S how you use a bat, half-pint!
Nice hustle, wimp. At least I can jump!
What, are breath mints outlawed in your kingdom, moron?
Yeah, those stupid yellow pills ain’t gonna cure death!
Oooooh so scary, don’t turn me into a frog!
At least you ain’t gettin’ kidnapped if you’re dead!
Hasta la vista, ya mutilated microwave!
Prepare myself for what? You dyin’?
Look who’s got the power NOW, He-Man!
This ain’t your average fist fight, brawny bastard!
Hope ya like egg on your face, Barney!
Sweet! Now I got a bucket of Breegull too!
If I gotta hear ya tell me to stretch ONE MORE FREAKIN’ TIME...
Get dominated, ya lil curly-haired crybaby!
Aaaaaand top it off with a 1-star review of your dump...
Haha! Look at you! You look like 10 car crashes!
Get freakin’ dominated, hot shot!
What’s wrong, Rocky? Run outta lemons to hit me with?
Curiosity ain’t the only reason you’re dead, whiskers!
Go ahead. Laugh at me again. I freakin’ DARE ya!
Nice toy there, crotch goblin!
In space, no one can hear how much you suck!
Man, I feel sorry for any uggo that looks like YOU.
See ya NEVER, alligator!
Feel that domination, ya aura-flowin’ freak accident!
Avada-cadabra, nerd!
I’m more evolved than you, of course I won, it’s science, dummy, look it up!
Nice stick-twiddlin’, numb-nuts. You almost kinda came close to nearly hittin’ me.
My bat’s got BOTH your baby mallets beat!
Betcha that sword’s the only big thing on ya, you samurai simp!
Get griefed, blockhead!
And Ma said I couldn’t handle yard work!
Pfft, like daddy like daughter, ain’t that right, flat-chest?
Hey pal, did ya see THAT in your vision?
Oohoohoo, now I get to scribble on YOUR ugly mug! This’ll be fun...
You’re freakin’ dominated, bird-brain!
What’s the problem runt, gonna go cry to grandma?
Oooooh, so scary, the handicapped goth angel is gonna throw purple balls at me!
You didn’t disappear, but your freakin’ PULSE sure did!
Dominated, I win, perfect, NEXT!
Eat my space dust, dollface!
Family vacation! Have fun gettin’ smacked into orbit!
How’s THAT for an upgrade, ponytail?
The only Echoes around here are from my bat smackin’ your ugly alien head!
Man, you just have AWFUL luck with bats, huh?
Did ya think you couldn’t suck more? SURE-YOU-CAN!
Dragon slain, turtle soup made, and.....I killed whatever the hell that thing was too. Beat that, kid!
Hard to counter when your skull’s bashed in, huh, pretty boy?
I don’t think that Power Wave stops a freakin’ gun, genius!
Get dunked on, ya fossilized freak!
Kid? Or squid? Neither, just a stinkin’ corpse!
You look like an action figure Ma would get me!
Go beep for your mama, ya 2-bit freak!
Ugly Face Monthly called, garlic breath! They wanna know why ya didn’t call back!
I got your back buddy. I found you a third option: death!
Dominated, teach, see me after class.
Photon, meet bullet.
BOOM! You’re not the only one around here good at bonkin’, shorty!
Get freakin’ dominated, ya cherry-chasin’ dot-muncher!
Ya know what I’m thinkin’ right now? How EASY it was to kill you!
Lil advice, big guy: when ya come back, don’t suck as much.
Another win for me, give it up and head back to your sassafras land, ditz!
Now they’re gonna call ya the Fastest Thing DEAD!
The vacuum’s overkill, bub. You suck fine without it.
Yeah, my bat’s super effective against fat, ugly hamsters.
Ya see, peanuts ain’t gonna pierce your skull like my bullets.
I got you AND your annoyin’ cat girlfriend!
Sorry? Well, ya SHOULD be, ya one-sleeved wimp!
Chivalry’s dead, knighty, and so are you!
You had DECADES to prepare, and THIS is the result? Great work.
Hey! Listen! You suck!
Lemme see that thing...Yo! Colonel! Next time send a guy that doesn’t totally suck!
Screw friends! The only thing I got in ya were those bullets!
Reeeally makin’ good use of that Triforce of Wisdom, eh, dumbass?
Hope ya learn to read the words on your tombstone, dumbass!
Mirror, mirror, full of glass, I just kicked this edgelord’s ass!
Dominated, ya freakin’ copycat!
Hey, Demo! I found your stupid dog!
First order of business as new mayor: killin’ you!
Kiss my ass, frog prince!
Fellas, did you SEE that!? It practically killed itself!
Your next “quest” better be a bus ride home, punk!
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More Info:
  • In Team Fortress 2, some classes give specific taunts when killing specific classes. Here are some hypothetical taunts that the TF2 Scout would give if he were against the fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Match the quote with the character. Alternate skin characters like Alph or the other Dragon Quest heroes don’t count, and the Mii Fighters are all combined in one. Sans is also put in here for fun. If you are confused why certain quotes are related to a character, please comment, and I’ll be happy to explain the reasoning.
Classic: Type in answers that appear in a list
Forced Order: Answers have to be entered in order
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Last Updated: Feb 2, 2022

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