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He's got the 'scoop.'
A little Funtime Freddy lookalike.
Happy Halloween?
Bon-Bon, say hi to our friends!
A yellow eyed Bidybab? Really?
Follow Me.
Very Annoying...
A Mexican beaver? Now I've seen everything...
Rockstars Assemble!
Time for arts and crafts!
Because character quota.
Before Mangle...
You gonna call him dumb NOW!?!?
Mom? Mom, is that you?
Escaping the fire, but with a...questionable redesign...
Sweet, succulent, AA BATTERIES!
Your average animatronic amphibian.
Sorry! Out of Order!
Making a mess in the kitchen...
It's what's inside that counts.
POP! Goes the Weasel!
My face! My beautiful face!
Metallic and mysterious...
She's nothing more than a 'freak show' now...
A little on the chubby side, eh?
She sells bytes and gives frights!
This guy just ain't 'right.'
Male? Female? It's a rabbit, who cares?
An expert in angry ballet...
This is why you wake up...IF you wake up, that is...
With Baby gone, the machine takes a new face...
The rabbit that gave his own creator nightmares...
Rockin' Maraca Mama!
Kids can be so cruel...
Don't be scared, he won't bite......hopefully...
A man with sinister cymbals...
The accordion suits ye, laddy...
Female Bon-Bon.
There ARE monsters under your bed...
Everyone please stay in your seats.
Staring Contest! GO!
Uh-oh! How Unfortunate!
She's....under your desk?
The very first one!
Let's get mean!
Just taking a stroll.
Check out that tongue. Eww!
Look at those TEETH!!!
A performing pachyderm!
Because she (he?) (it?) needed to be weirder.
We have a place for him...
Who needs gender labels, anyway?
Red light! Green li-AAAH!
Putting that guitar to good use!
He's seen better days...
Yet ANOTHER bear animatronic!?
Get outta my suit!
Is that a ribcage?
This Funtime is late to the party.
The bear of the hour!
Too many jawbreakers, eh?
I have candy all day. CANDY. CANDY. CANDY.
The new age life-giver.
Guess who?
His official name? RWQFSFASXC
Better catch a fish...
Banjo-strummin' bacon.
No eyes makes her creepier...
I don't wanna play hide-and-seek, OK?
The Internet is a terrifying place...
Freakin' attention hog...
A hippopotamus with a heck of a mouth.
Time for the main attraction! The story must be told!

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