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Don't be scared, he won't bite......hopefully...
Your little buddy for all your lawsuit and ball pit needs!
I think these plush toys are malfunctioning...
Sweet, succulent, AA BATTERIES!
Get outta my suit!
This guy just ain't “right.”
There IS a monster in your closet...
The bear of the hour!
Nothing funny about this rabbit...
Who needs gender labels, anyway?
It's what's inside that counts.
I have candy all day. Every day. CANDY. CANDY. CANDY.
We don't want your circus merch!
Everyone please stay in your seats.
Metallic and mysterious...
Looks too hot to make ice cream.
Trick or Treat, you annoying fluffballs.
There ARE monsters under your bed...
The true terror is underneath...
This is why you wake up...IF you wake up, that is...
He's got the “scoop.”
Don’t let him give you the cold shoulder.
Be very afraid of the gold and decayed...
His official name? RWQFSFASXC
An Irish bear? Huh.
A robot with a weapon....a very hot one...oh no.
Kids can be so cruel...
The very first one!
Male? Female? It's a rabbit, who cares?
Bon-Bon, say hi to our friends!
Yarr, lemme whip ya into shape!
This Funtime is late to the party.
We have a place for him...
A little on the chubby side, eh?
I never wanted to eat a rabbit more than now.
Now rotten AND bubbling. Suits you, Afton.
Who wants pixelated jumpscares?
I think Toy Bonnie’s broken...
He's seen better days...
Broken to pieces, and hiding in the darkness.
Better catch a fish...
Because she (he?) (it?) needed to be weirder.
The Internet is a terrifying place...
The rabbit that gave his own creator nightmares...
Nightmare Freddy's little helpers from Hell.
What's wrong, scallywag? Light got your eye?
She's nothing more than a “freak show” now...
A yellow eyed Bidybab? Really?
For my next trick, I will pull the endo head out of this hat!
Happy Halloween?
He could also be called Franken-Bear, I guess?
Fixing a chest cavity and music box in hard mode.
A pirate left in the chemicals too long.
Funtime Freddy's right hand man.
Female Bon-Bon.
The new age life-giver.
Time to upgrade your armor? This Endo is your guy!
A Mexican beaver? Now I've seen everything...
Sorry! Out of Order!
A performing pachyderm!
Uh-oh! How Unfortunate!
Rockin' Maraca Mama!
A retro cupcake? I’m down!
A sharper hook for Halloween...
Staring Contest! GO!
Is that a ribcage?
Take cake to the children....wait, isn’t this just Fredbear in 8 bits?
Facial recognition: online!
It’s time this killer burned in Hell...
Seems this Chica is more than just a green statue...
A hippopotamus with a heck of a mouth.
POP! Goes the Weasel!
This bunny’s hunting for more than just eggs.
Let's get mean!
I “lava” this chicken!
Follow Me.
Blink and you’ll miss him!
The accordion suits ye, laddy...
Too many jawbreakers, eh?
He’s here, he’s there, he’s everywhere! Who you gonna call?
Retuning a guitar in hard mode.
Yet ANOTHER bear animatronic!?
Cleaning a bot in hard mode.
Only in 50/20 Mode.
Your average animatronic amphibian.
Please deposit five coins.
It's...just random objects with faces...
Replacing fuses in hard mode.
Making a mess in the kitchen...
Look at those TEETH!!!
No balloons here...just pure terror...
Finally became a better gamer, Toy Freddy?
Banjo-strummin' bacon.
Escaping the fire, but with a...questionable redesign...
Before Mangle...
With Baby gone, the machine takes a new face...
Pestilent pirate...
She's....under your desk?
The rumored yellowbear...
My face! My beautiful face!
A man with sinister cymbals...
Guess who?
Please Stand By.
Because character quota.
Not as cute, but more useful.
Red light! Green li-AAAH!
Shut up, and go to pieces!
Escaping through the virtual world...
Didn’t know Mr. Fazbear celebrates Independence Day.
Just taking a stroll.
Who wants a pumpkin?
An expert in angry ballet...
I don't wanna play hide-and-seek, OK?
Putting that guitar to good use!

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