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Can you name the 50 Broadway Shows by Character?

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Cinderella, Baker, Witch
Hugo, Kim, Albert
Edward, Amos, Sandra
JD, Veronica, Martha
Seymour, Audrey, Orin
Brad, Columbia, Eddie
Elphaba, Glinda, Fiyero
Robert, Feldzieg, Kitty
Angel, Roger, Maureen
Frank, Carl, Brenda
Casey, Aaron, Reggie
Charles, Lewis, Bertha
Allison, Bruce, Helen
Price, Cunningham, Nabulungi
Max, Leo, Ulla
Gomez, Lucas, Wednesday
Anthony, Johanna, Pirelli
Valjean, Javert, Cosette
Farquad, Fiona, Donkey
Tracy, Link, Velma
Jack, Crutchie, Catherine
Igor, Kemp, Inga
Grace, Rooster, Warbucks
Winnifred, Dauntless, Larken
Princeton, Kate, Lucy
St. Jimmy, Whatsername, Tunny
King Arthur, Not Dead Fred, The Black Knight
Tony, Maria, Krupke
Monty, Sibella, Phoebe
Charlie, Lola, Lauren
Frankie, Gyp, Tommy
Horton, JoJo, Gertrude
Simba, Scar, Timon
Ariel, Sebastian, Eric
Tevye, Lazar Wolf, Goldie
Blanche, Buck, Ted
Genie, Jafar, Jasmine
Belle, Gaston, Lumiere
Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull, Sergei
Daisy, Violet, Buddy
Drew, Sherrie, Lonnie
Alice, Chloe, Morris
Sally, Emcee, Cliff
Emma, Lucy, John
Jane, Michael, Bert
Elle, Emmet, Paulette
Diana Ross, Smokey Joe, Marvin Gaye
Danny, Sandy, Rizzo
Nick, Portia, Nostradamus
L, Light, Ryuk

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